Sew…what have you been up to?

Well I’ve been sewing! I like to categorize my crafts into separate categories, those that I practice to sell and those I practice for myself and sewing falls in the latter category. You won’t find me selling things that I sew but I plan on making some more new duds to sport this summer. Working next door to a craft supply store has it’s perks, one of which is being invited to staff sewing night.


The lovely ladies at Fancy Tiger Crafts welcomed me into their drool worthy workspace and after 2 hours and constant guidance from my good friend Tina of Fast Geek Boutique, I emerged with a perfect pair of summer shorts! I plan on making at least 2-27 more pairs of these bad boys.

And of course what kind of photo shoot would this have been without a fun one…


This is how we do it!



Lowbrow Custom Toy Show & B-Day Party this Friday!


When the lovelies ladies at Lowbrow invited me to be a part of their upcoming Custom Toy Show & B-Day Party I was thrilled. I’ve collected vinyl toys for a few years now and had yet to design one of my own (pan to obligatory shot of toy collection)…

toy collection

When I unpacked the pristinely white DIY Munny I knew exactly what I was going to do to it, it’s a term I’m just now making up, dioramify! I imagined all of these tiny figures gathering together in their community, filing the proper paper work, lobbying the local city councilmen and women and anxiously awaiting the day of unveiling that is soon to come. These tiny figures worked hard on their miniature landscape creating a giant topiary munny. And with that I give you Topiary Assembly


Front Detail

Back Detail

Side Detail

Side Detail 2

This one of a kind beauty is for sale and looking for an apprecative home that will place it on display on a promenant mantal or book shelve. Go see my creation among other local artists’ at the opening reception/birthday party Friday June 7th from 7pm-10pm at Lowbrow, RSVP here!