We are 1976

Screen shot 2013-10-15 at 9.59.26 AMAttention Texas: You can now find becky’s buttons & things at We are 1976 in Dallas!

We are 1976 is an independently owned boutique in Dallas, Texas that carries an array of thoughtfully curated items and they recently added yours truly to the mix.

“1976 was a year of revolutionary change. Apple threw open the doors of imagination, Tiananmen Square launched a reverie for freedom, and we were born. Now, all grown up, we celebrate the cultural revolution that was born in the year of our birth (well, Vynsie’s and Jully’s — Derek was born in 1977, but we let him join us anyway). The declaration of freedom from rigid boundaries, so that art is not just paint on a canvas; humanity is not regional but global; the earth is not only where we live, but our source of life; life is serious, but also precious and should be lived with joy, passion, a giant wink of humor, and a great deal of thoughtfulness. It is this thoughtfulness with which we choose every item and art offering in our store, gallery, and workshop. Want to know more about our store? Come on in. Every item in our shop has a story and we love to share those tidbits of history with anyone who has a mad case of cultural curiosity. We are Vynsie, Jully, and Derek and WE ARE 1976.”

Screen shot 2013-10-15 at 9.56.24 AMThey are stocked up on Crystal Dioramas, Peridot Dioramas, Amethyst Dioramas, Mini Dioramas, Diorama Lockets and more! Go check them out and tell them I sent you!



Crystal Diorama Necklaces

Okay, it’s no surprise that I’ve been looking for more ways to integrate crystals into my miniature creations, and the crystal diorama necklace follows suit with that creative trend.  For those of you who love the crystal dioramas but just wish you could carry them with you all day long, this is the perfect accessory. Here’s how this works: Crystal Diorama + Diorama Necklace = Crystal Diorama Necklace! It’s like the distant cousin of the Crystal Vial Necklace but with a miniature figure. Okay I’ve taken this too far…let’s take a peek at the Crystal Diorama Necklaces that are available for purchase now… (click the links below for more info or to purchase!)

photo 1Catherine’s Journey Home Crystal Diorama Necklace

frontDorian the Deer Crystal Diorama Necklace

frontEdmond Emerges Crystal Diorama Necklace

As a special thank you for sitting through that awkward math lesson use the coupon code CRYSTALCAVERN for 20% off your purchase of $20 or more through October 31st!