Want to drink beer & buy handmade holiday gifts?!


New Belgium Brewery’s Makers’ Market is a great place to purchase handmade gifts for the upcoming holiday season while supporting your local makers! Plus where else are you going to be able to purchase crafts while drinking some of the best craft beer Colorado has to offer!

The event is at New Belgium Brewery (500 Linden St, Fort Collins) upstairs in Brewhouse 2

Homemade holiday goodies & cider will be available (until they run out)

Cans of beer will be available for purchase, cost $5 and proceeds will go to Toys for Tots

Makers: Shelby Montross, Andi Rose, Tanya Victor, Jessica Schier, Carolyn Yalin, Erin Nuland, Allie Ogg, Melody Sue, Becky Wareing Steele, Angela Shireman, Kelly Langley Cook, Tiffany Nowell, Rachel Stych, Lisa Brooks, Abby Craft, Daniela, Marna Widom, Krystal Schmidt, April Nabours, Krista Shurna, Seth Stepleton, Kim Tinnell, Kim Shaw, Steffi Smith, Andrea David, Brett Childs, Sarah Nicholson, Mélina Bernhardt, Natasha Walker, Kellie Arndt, Brad Parry, Susan Collentine, Suzanne Akin

I look forward to seeing you there!



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