Starting at a young age I was drawn to miniatures. Much like many youths I was constantly reconfiguring my dollhouse and adding new additions and upgrades to please the tiny tenants. I would watch my father for hours as he improved upon his model train set in the basement, hanging airplanes from the ceiling and adding a summer retreat with a simple addition of some plastic waves.

In high school and college this attraction to miniatures led to my massive pin-back button collection. Any concert I’d go to I’d add another to my collection but soon I found myself wanting to create the content myself, so in 2002 I bought my first button maker. I’d make one off buttons for friends to summarize our relationship or highlight an inside joke and soon my friends were commissioning me to make custom buttons for their friends and so on.

This is how becky’s buttons was born. For years I peddled my buttons in local boutiques and created designs that resonated with their clientele and created designs for local bands.. It wasn’t until early 2010 that I found myself in a model train store looking for that perfect addition to my recent creation. It was at this point my love for the miniature bubbled to the surface and took over.

“Miniatures for a modern world,” is the way I now see my product. All of these things that appealed to me as a child still do and it is this nostalgia that I love sharing with the world.

Becky Portrait Shot