Feeling the love…

Thanks to Pam Whitlow of Whitty Wire Jewelry for including my An Afternoon Stroll in the Park Diorama in this lovely treasury of products of all shades of green.

Picture 3

This one of a kind diorama is looking for a good home, use the coupon code HELLO for free domestic shipping!



Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day is pretty serious business for me now a days. Since getting married I have 4 moms in total, that’s my bio mom, step mom, mother in law and step mother in law. Needless to say this is a holiday that you can find me in the card isle buying cards in bulk, but it’s a great reminder to celebrate those strong female figures in our lives and thank them for contributing to what makes us, well us. I’ve never been a mama’s girl or a daddy’s girl, I’m that rare combination of a “parent’s girl” but when it comes to my mom we have a special bond for sure. Every time we see each other we have hours of info to download, new craft and home decor ideas to bounce off one another, reviewing our recent clothing purchases or just playing her my new favorite record.  If you have ever visited my booth at a craft show chances are my mom was right by my side talking about drawings I did at age 3 or digging a snack for me out of her bag to keep my energy going.  So this mother’s day I am celebrating just that, the unique bond between a mother and a daughter.

Mom at 16

(My mom at age 16)

In celebration of my mom and mother’s day use the coupon code “MARLENE” for 20% off your next order of $10 or more from now until Mother’s Day, Sunday May 12th.

Happy Mother’s Day!



hello! bonjour! hola!

I am excited to debut my newest diorama inspired button series, the Hello Series! This series developed from the discovery of a stack of vintage National Geographic maps. Each button features a different location (New Jersey, France & Spain) paired with hello in the language spoken there and a miniature waving person.

*group shot 2

This would be the perfect companion to take on any upcoming trip. Use the coupon code HELLO for free domestic shipping!