Welcome Willow

As many of you may already know I have been looking to expand my reach and find more stores around the country and beyond to carry my line. I’ve been focusing so much of my attention on shops out of state that I neglected to realize all the great communities spread around Colorado including Littleton. I haven’t spent much time in Littleton (aside from our scooter clubs yearly ride to Palmer Lake which takes us down the vibrant main street) until my friend’s Mandy and Scott opened up their shop Clever last year. Since Clever has opted to go the mobile route and shut down their brick and mortar location in trade for their awesome airstream trailer, I was given to opportunity to sell my work at Willow!

Picture 3

Willow is a beautiful locally owned artisan market located right in the heart of Littleton’s downtown at 2400 West Main Street. Meeting with the owner Helen made me feel right at home and seeing work from several local artists and friends of mine was a pleasant surprise. If you have not yet been I encourage you to check this lovely shop out and perhaps pick up something for mother’s day (which is quickly approaching). If you have been, go back : )

I am still accepting suggestions if there is a shop in your area that you think becky’s buttons & things would make the perfect addition to, let me know.